Conference kickoff

For me, it's rather hard to get annoyed on public transport in Stockholm. However this morning was different. It looked like all the Kindergartens and school classes in Sweden were out for a field trip. Pendeltåg was packed, so were the buses. I took the Bus 69 from the central station to the technical museum, where conference is taking place. I have never been in this area of Stockholm before, even though we live here for more than 2 years now. Wondering why they claim the Tekniska Museet is on Djurgården? This is totally the wrong island. Anyway, the museum is quite an amazing place. It's like Tom Tits Experiment with the limitation of you are not allowed to touch and try the stuff.

A bunch of people exited the bus with me and headed for the conference. Someone handed me my badge at registration without checking my id. Last name misspelled, did I screw this up in the blogger pass registration form? Actually it was good that my last name was spelled wrong. My company had booked a Disruptive Code ticket for me before I got elected as a Blogger. I promised the ticket to someone else in the office since I didn't know that the badges came with a name. To make a long story short, you will meet two Reik Schatz on the conference now, one with the last name spelled right.

Conference is about to start now, let's see how it goes. Could already grab Eric Evans over a coffee.