Choosing wrong track

A problem that keeps following me on conferences, is picking the wrong talks. Often a session sounds nicer on the agenda, than it is in reality. For the first track I selected PayPal over the HTML5 session. I was hoping to get some insights into the PayPal API. How to use it? How to integrate it with some practical examples? The session however turned out to be not that detailed. It felt more like a sales talk. By the way, PayPal is one of the main sponsors of Disruptive Code. The fact, that the organisers put up all conference tweets during the talk, and it seemed to be really exciting over at the HTML5 track, made things worse.

The only good thing I could take away from this talk, are some ideas to possibly integrate payment into my projects. The first of the two PayPal speakers, gave some interesting project examples. ie. a person to persons send money application, a game where you can buy ammo or crowd-sourcing (paying users for uploading pictures, entering recipes etc.). There is also a portal called PayPal X, where developers can develop applications and tools on top of the PayPal API. Similar to the iPhone, these applications have to be approved by PayPal before they are available to everyone.

So it is likely I will embed PayPal in my applications in the future. This session just did not show me how to really. The only slide having code on it, wasn't helping there much either and it certainly was not PHP code like the speakers said.