Tomcat and Too many open files

God bless monitoring. An hour ago I received a SMS from one of my servers that one of my sites was not available anymore. It is a dedicated server that runs 4 Tomcats in parallel. To track down the problem I started looking at the Tomcat logfiles. Whoo whats that? The fourth Tomcat was spamming logfiles like crazy. For the past four days it had created me 4 logfiles having a combined size of 600 GB. I was hitting a for too many open files.

First I thought I had a leak somewhere, which prevented files and sockets from getting closed properly. Actually this was not the main problem. Since all Tomcats were running as the same user, and I had not touched the open file limit for this user, the default maximum of 1024 in Ubuntu 9.10 server was way too little. I checked how many files I had open for this user.

ps aux | grep tomcat

Then for every PID I ran

lsof -p PID | wc -l

I had cleaned the logs and rebooted already. The combined result was that I already was scratching the 1000 mark for all Tomcats after rebooting. Very thin ice. To make a long story short, here is how to change the maximum open file limit on Ubuntu 9.10 server.

First you edit /etc/security/limits.conf and add your new limit for the user running Tomcat. In my case the user was called virtual:

virtual hard nofile 5120
virtual soft nofile 4096

In addition to that, edit the file /etc/pam.d/common-session and add

session required

done! Reboot the machine, then verify the changes running

su virtual
ulimit -n

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